For the first time in many years, we are excited to re-introduce livestock to Hatcher's Plantation! We were so grateful for a warm February last year which allowed us to put up fencing and get a small corral built for our cows.  The girls arrived in April 2017 and were a bit skittish of us at first.  As you can see, they have taken to Ernie quite well - they especially like when he brings them a little "sweet mix".  We are looking forward to growing our herd in the coming months!


We are so happy (and proud) to bring Saucy and Brisket to their new home at Hatcher's Plantation.  These girls are the start of great things happening on our small farm! 

Farm Life

Our farm cannot wait to bring these "girls" to their new home here at Hatchers's Plantation! We think it is about time we had chickens in our chicken coop!!